NoGerber PCB file viewer

NoGerber PCB file viewer 2.7.4

An easy-to-use gerber PCB file viewer

NoGerber PCB file viewer is an easy-to-use Gerber PCB file viewer that will help you view any Gerber file on your desktop. As soon as you have it on your monitor, you can print the file right away in any Windows and Vista compatible printer.

The material you get on screen can be scaled up or down and your prints can be produced in color on a colored printer using the NoGerber PCB file viewer.

Large images can be subdivided into multiple sheets of A4 and you can superimpose several PCB layers. Aside from multiple page printing of plotter files you can also convert such files to bitmap and save them in .

BMP format. The NoGerber PCB file viewer works as well with plotter files for CAD packages and lets you view or even print new concepts at the initial stage without any need to copy a specific CAD system.

The files you get on your email can be viewed and printed as well. This viewer lets . GBR, . GTL and . APT files solve incompatibility issues that stop other viewers from different desktops in checking out the CAD data on disk, networks or emails.

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NoGerber PCB file viewer


NoGerber PCB file viewer 2.7.4